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A nations’ welfare is the most crucial part of qualities life of citizens in that certain country. Agreement with the given phenomenon that the government have an initial role to keep their citizens stay healthfully and well-educate will be further discussed.this statement is supported by numerous reasons; governments’ basic responsibility and the governments’ authority. 

To embark with, it is noticeable that the basic responsibility of the government is to look after their society, especially for people living in under standard of life. Although it may be true that all of the nation should help each other; howbeit, the government should stand in the front live to guaranty from many source such as individual income tax and value added tax. Hence, the government should distribute this income in an appropriate what such as providing free education and health facilities.

In the second place, it seems that the quality of a country rely on the way the government is governing their society. To return to an earline point that education and health are essential parts of human’s life therefore, the government should their main concentration to these terms. As they have an authority to govern their society, they have to decide  governmental poorer societies. Otherwise, the nations will not have an adequate standard of life. 

All in all, the care of poorer nations is the main responsibility of the government. The most crucial point made so far, although the wealthier nations should help other vountarial the government are playing the significant role