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The first set of questions asked almost all students

May I know your full name?

My full name is Navjot Singh Kalsi.

(Note: Full name means given name + middle name if any + surname. Most students will speak the name given in the passport, which may not have the surname. So, you must speak your full name in answer to this question)

How may I address you?

You may address me as Navjot.

(Note 1: Here you may even speak your nickname. It just
means that while asking the next questions, the examiner will call you by that

Note 2: Many students start speaking their addresses here. Here, the word ‘address’ has been used as a verb, which means ‘call’. In other words, the question is ­ How may I call you?)

May I see your ID?

Here is my passport. (Note: open the first page of the passport and show it to the examiner. You don’t need to say

Where do you come from?

I come from Phagwara. It is a small town between Jalandhar and Ludhiana.

Work or Studies

What work do you do?

Personal answer.

Why did you choose to do that type of work (or that job)?

I chose that job because I was interested in it.

Do you like your job?

Yes, I like my job. It is very interesting.

Is it very interesting?

Yes, it is very interesting.

Do you miss being a student?

Yes, I miss being a student. Now, when I look back I realize
that they were the happiest days of my life.


What subject(s) are you studying?

I’ve just completed my senior secondary in commerce stream.
Now I wish to go abroad for my higher education.

Why did you choose to study that subject/those subjects?

I chose these subjects because I was interested in them.

Do you like your subject? Why/Why not?

Yes, I like my subjects. I think they’re very interesting.

Is it very interesting?

Yes, my subjects are very interesting.

Are you looking forward to working?

Yes, I’m looking forward to a part­time job when I go abroad
to study.

Do you prefer to study in the mornings or afternoons?

I prefer to study in the mornings because at that time I feel very fresh and I can concentrate on my studies.


What is is your favorite festival?

My favorite festival is Diwali. It is also known as the festival of lights and is celebrated during winters.

How do you celebrate this festival?

I do a lot of things on Diwali. I buy new clothes, clean my
house and decorate it with colorful festive lights. I also distribute sweets
with my friends and exchange gifts. In the evening, I light the candles at the
temple and burst firecrackers.

What is the most popular Indian festival?

Diwali is the most popular festival in our country as people from all walks of life celebrate it with great enthusiasm

Do you like Western festivals?

Yes, I like to celebrate Christmas. It is a beautiful festival. I like to wear red clothes on Christmas day. I also go to the Church and enjoy Christmas cake with my friends.


Do you like to see the sky?a.            Do you like to see the sky?

Yes, I love to see a clear blue sky and appreciate the nature. Looking at the sky reminds me that there are no limits and boundaries in life and we can achieve anything we want.

How about stars?

Yes, I also like to see stars sometimes. I read about constellations during my childhood and I like to find them in the sky. My favorite constellation is Orion.

Which is a good place to see the stars?

I think mountains are the best place to see the stars. There is less pollution in the mountains so the stars are clearly visible and they also appear more closer.