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Q:1 What is your full name?
Q:2 What is the meaning of your name?
Q:3 Who gave you this name?
Q:4 Does your name represent your true personality?
Q:5 What are your educational qualifications?
Q:6 Which subject do you like the most?
Q:7 What do you know about your home town/village?
Q:8 Do you live in the same place where you were born?
Q:9 Was your school a co-educational institute?
Q:10 How do the people in your city/village keep themselves busy?
Q:11 What is people’s favorite food in your state?
Q:12 Are there any worth-seeing places in or near your native place?
Q:13 Are there any historical monuments in your region?
Q:14 Do you do any job|business? which?
Q:15 Are you satisfied with your job|profession?
Q:16 Speak about any special festival that takes place in your city |place?
Q:17 What place do you like the best in your city|place?
Q:18 What place in or near your city outsider visit?
Q:19 Which parts of your country would you recommend to a foreigner?
Q:20 What is special about your family?
Q:21 Who does most of the household chores/work in your family?
Q:22 Why is the joint family disintegrating in your country?
Q:23 Why is the divorce rate increasing these days?
Q:24 Do the people in your country plan with their family?
Q:25 Do people have control over their children?
Q:26 Which tv channels do the children like the most?
Q:27 Do the children watch too much tv?
Q:28 What are the new trends of marriage in your country?
Q:29 Do people accept new changes in the concept of marriage?
Q:30 Do people prefer a son or a daughter in your country?
Q:31 Do modern parents care more for their children?
Q:32 Do the parents prefer to send their children to private schools or government schools?
Q:33 Is even today, the women under the heavy burden?
Q:34 Are the families in your country impressed by the western culture?
Q:35 Is the standard of education in the future?
Q:36 Should education be privatized?
Q:37 What changes do you expect in education be in education in the future?
Q:38 Do you wish to change your job?
Q:39 If you go back to your childhood again, what would you do?
Q:40 Is there any wish of yours that is not fulfilled?
Q:41 Did you ever bunk your classes?
Q:42 Which country would you like to visit?
Q:43 Do you prefer to live in a city or a village?
Q:44 Do you think your education/training will help you in your job?
Q:45 How many workers work with you?
Q:46 What is the atmosphere of your workplace?
Q:47 What are your job responsibilities?
Q:48 When do you start your job profession?
Q:49 Which food do you like to cook?
Q:50 Do you like to play with children?
Q:51 How much time do you spend on your hobby?
Q:52 How did you start your hobby?
Q:53 Are you fond of photography?
Q:54 Have you got your own camera?
Q:55 Did you buy this camera or got it as a gift?
Q:56 When do you use camera? Where?
Q:57 Do you live alone or in a family?
Q:58 Do you easily mix up with others?
Q:59 Do you do any social welfare activity?
Q:60 Are the people in your locality fond of doing social work?
Q:61 Are there any NGO (Non-Government Organization) activities in your city/state?
Q:62 What are the projects taken up by an NGO?
Q:63 Are you fond of reading?
Q:64 Which type of literature do you read?
Q:65 What are the reading habits of the people in your city/state?
Q:66 Which is the most popular newspaper in your area?
Q:67 Are you fond of writing?
Q:68 Do you write poems or stories or other things?
Q:69 Which type of literature do the people of your area like to read?
Q:70 Is there any public library in your city/town?
Q:71 Tell me something about your customs and traditions?
Q:72 Why do people observe customs and traditions?
Q:73 Do you think these customs and traditions will continue in the future also?
Q:74 Which are the skills which are in demand these days?
Q:75 What are your relations with your colleagues?
Q:76 How do you manage things/matters at your workplace?
Q:77 Can you describe any challenging job you performed?
Q:78 Do you prefer a part-time job or a full-time job?
Q:79 Should equal pay be given to men and women?
Q:80 Are the parents of today different from those in the past? how?
Q:81 How has the structure of the families changed in recent years?
Q:82 Which type of parents are liked by their children?
Q:83 Should the parents advise their children after being an adult?
Q:84 Should the parents make major decisions? why?
Q:85 Should the children take the guidance of the career-counselors?
Q:86 Do you remember your childhood friends?
Q:87 Do modern children like fairy tales?
Q:88 Are comics good for the children? why?
Q:89 Are inter-religious marriages popular in your country?
Q:90 Why some youngsters do not want to go in for marriage these days?
Q:91 Describe some interesting wedding customs.
Q:92 Describe an unexpected incident in a marriage you attended?
Q:93 Which your ideal school? why?
Q:94 Do your teachers use new methods of teaching?
Q:95 Can country wide-classroom be proved successful?
Q:96 Is handwriting an important part of education? why?
Q: 97 Should poetry be taught in schools? why?
Q:98 Should history be taught in schools?
Q:99 Should morning prayers be compulsory in schools?
Q:100 Which is your ideal city? why?
Q:101 Do the people do community work in your city?
Q:102 Is any famous person living in your locality?
Q:103 What are the means of entertainment in your city/town /village?
Q:104 Do you think old buildings in your city/village should be demolished? why?
Q:105 Is the building in the village/city constructed according to the climate of your area?
Q:106 Is there any social event celebrated in your city?
Q: 107 What have you inherited from your forefathers?
Q:108 What is the value of this gift inherited from forefathers?
Q:109 What are the relations between the elders and the youngsters in your city?
Q:110 Do the people make planning for their retirement? why?
Q:111 Does time move fast in a village or a city?
Q:112 How do you decorate your room?
Q:113 Have you ever arranged a party at home?
Q:114 Are you social in your habits? why?
Q:115 Where do you do your shopping? why?
Q:116 Do you do window-shopping? why?
Q:117 Do you prefer sky-shopping? why?
Q:118 Do you feel humorous people are very popular?
Q:119 Have modern gadgets benefited a home-maker?
Q:120 Describe any kitchen article you bought recently?
Q:121 Describe any showpiece you recently bought for your home?
Q:122 Are people in your state fond of traveling?
Q:123 Do the people in your city go on pilgrimages? why?
Q:124 How many hours do you sleep in a day? why?
Q:125 Which types of dresses do the people of your state wear?
Q:126 If you have to write a book, what kind of book would write? why?
Q:127 Are colors important in our life? why?
Q:128 How much money do you wish to save? why?
Q:129 Which is your favorite radio program?
Q:130 Which is your indoor activity?
Q:131 Which is your favorite outdoor activity?
Q:132 Which is your favorite language?
Q:133 Which is your favorite holiday resort?
Q:134 Why do people go to holiday resorts?
Q:135 Do tourist guides play a positive role?
Q:136 Can space-tourism become a reality one day?
Q;137 Why do people play adventure sports?
Q:138 Describe any adventurous sports the people of your country play?
Q:139 Do you play any water sport? Which and why?
Q:140 Have you ever visited any national park? When and why?
Q:141 What can be done to preserve the national park?
Q:142 According to you, which is the most powerful medium-T.V, Newspaper, or Radio?
Q:143 Which is the main source of news for the people of your country – T.V, newspaper or radio?
Q:144 Do the T.V channels give full coverage to the news?
Q:145 What should be good qualities in a newspaper?
Q:146 Should there be a control of the government on media? why?
Q:147 Are the people fond of dancing in your country? why?
Q:148 Which types of dancing are popular in your country?
Q:149 What is the role of colors in our life?
Q:150 Do colors reflect the personality of a person?
Q:151 Should the government do something to preserve traditional art and crafts?
Q:152 Have you ever paid a visit to an art exhibition?
Q:153 What is the difference between painting and photography?
Q:154 Any painting that has impressed your the most .why?
Q:155 Should art be taught in schools and colleges?
Q:156 Should artists be given full freedom/why?
Q:157 What is the importance of computers in our day to day life?
Q:158 What are the advantages of a computer?
Q:159 How has the computer changed our lifestyle?
Q:160 Which subjects can be taught better through the computer?
Q:161 Which subjects cannot be taught through the computer?
Q:162 How has the computer affected our entertainment?
Q:163 Is landline or mobile phone popular these days? why?
Q:164 What are the uses of mobile phones?
Q:165 What are the misuses of mobile phones?
Q:166 What is the future of the mobile phone?
Q:167 How is the internet useful in imparting education?
Q:168 Has the internet given birth to cybercrime?
Q:169 Which means of transportation do you prefer? why?
Q:170 Has science changed the style of food?
Q:171 Which are the new technologies in the food industry?
Q:172 How have modern technologies helped farmers?
Q:173 How are technologies helpful in health care?
Q:174 Which is the main source of expenditure of the people in your state?
Q:175 Which types of fashions are prevalent among the people of today?
Q:176 Do fashions change? Give some examples.
Q:177 Is the dressing style of the people of today different from that of the recent past?
Q:178 Why are people becoming more fond of outside food?
Q:179 Which are the facilities given by modern restaurants and hotels?
Q:180 What are the problems related to the habit of taking outside food?
Q:181 Should a minimum age for marriage for men and women be fixed? which age?
Q:182 Why are the modern boys and girls going in for late marriages?
Q:183 Do you think education can make you successful?
Q:184 Are children of today more independent than those in the recent past?
Q:185 What are the problems parents of today facing in bringing up the children?
Q:186 Should moral education be given in schools?
Q:187 Are there any changes taking place in the living style of the people?
Q:188 Why are the children of today under so much stress?
Q:189 According to your, how can the people cope up with so much pressure?
Q:190 What type of lifestyle can you foresee in the next twenty years or so?
Q:191 Which problem will your city face in the next twenty years?
Q:192 Has your country made any achievements during the last twenty years?
Q:193 Can you tell an important invention that has taken place during the last years or so?
Q:194 Has online education given something good or bad?
Q:195 Do you think the family system is going to sustain in your country?
Q:196 Who was, according to you, the most important person during the century?
Q:197 Are people interested in national news or international news?
Q:198 Can you talk about any international sporting event that took place in recent places?
Q:199 Do you think that the world can be a global village in the near future? how?
Q:200 Can the world be a better place to live in fifty years hence?